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SageTCPServer is an open source TCP interface to the SageTV PVR software API. The original project was started by Beelzerob and used by his SageTV driver for CQC. The source code is accessible through CVS at: SageTCPServer with some descriptions at SageTCPServer for developers.


- SageTV version 7.
- The SageTCPServer.jar and its dependencies can be installed from the SageTV 7 plugin interface.


Install SageTV latest server software and perform all the SageTV configurations.

Start SageTV Client (if you are running in service mode, make sure SageTV Service is running). Go to Setup Menu from the Main Menu, then SageTV Plugins, then All Available Plugins. Accept the warning message.

Scroll down the list of plugins and install SageTCPServer by Fonceur, with all its dependencies.

Shut down SageTV client and service (if using service feature), and restart to insure proper loading.

Software using SageTCPServer[edit]

- MLSageTV Plugin

- Sage Media Server

- TASageTV Application

- TiSageTV Application